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# FUNDING CIRCLE # Follow Up from 1st Meeting Hello! We are happy that you were able to join us on January 25th for the inaugural meeting of the Permaculture CoLab Funding Circle. We had a great group of people from various parts of our International Permaculture Community, and we hope that others will join over the coming meetings as we continue to form the Funding Circle. We had hoped to follow up with you sooner than this, but we have very busy over the past couple of months with other initiatives in the CoLab which are also just getting started! ******************** ## Doodle Poll for Next Meeting We would like you to participate in a poll to find a date and time for our next meeting, some time ==in the first three weeks of April. Here is the link for the Doodle poll for our next meeting: **https://doodle.com/poll/hh3srhv5n4s47w5f?utm_source=poll&utm_medium=link** Please complete it very soon, so we can find a time which works as well as possible for as many of us as possible. Thank you for your attention to this important aspect of our group process. **Are there other people you think would be good to invite to this circle?** Please let us know, and feel free to share this invitation with them. *********************** ## Intention & Process of Forming this Circle Aimee Fenech (Germany), Jillian Hovey (Canada), and Lauren Minis (USA), are the core intial leadership team from the Permaculture CoLab for this process over the next five months. They have created a three-person Guild to incubate a Funding Circle for the Permaculture CoLab, and will be working between meetings to move things forward, perform organisation & coordination, and holding space for others to get involved. People from the international permaculture community, who have some background in funding, are being strategically invited to co-create the Funding Circle and its VMAs. Materials developed for this outreach will be coordinated with the Welcoming and Communications functions of the CoLab, with a view to also support those invited to explore joining the CoLab. A funding database of funding opportunities and funding clients will be set up, and a first funding application supported. The intention is to become a self-sustaining Funding Circle supporting the ongoing work in this domain, which will benefit the Permaculture CoLab and its members. *************************************** ## Notes from 1st Meeting The [Funding Circle Logbook](https://cloud.perma.earth/apps/onlyoffice/256394?filePath=%2FFunding%20Circle%2FFunding%20Circle%20Log%20Book.docx) is in the Permaculture CoLab’s “NextCloud” account. NextCloud is an ethical alternative to Google Drive, which uses far less energy for the servers to run, and it allows us to own our own data. You can click on the link above to see the Logbook, but we pasted some highlights from the last meeting here below. Here are the notes about the "Experience" and "Interests" of the Participants from our 1st Meeting: - **Andy Goldring, Permaculture Association of Britain (UK)** Experience: Organizational fundraising. Interest: As fiscal sponsor, collect the funding, review applications, and help group. move forward, wants to help clarify ways people can connect to this circle, wants to help tease out roles in the group - **Padma Koppula, Aranya Agricultural Alternatives (India)** Experience: raised fund for IPC and NGO. Interest: learn and share experience - **Margrethe Holzer, International Permaculture Convergence Council (IPCC) (Austria)** Experience: distributed scholarship funds for International Permaculture Convergences (IPCs). - **John Nzira, Ukuvuna, ReScope, and International Permaculture Convergence Council (IPCC) (South Africa)** Experience: raising funds for IPC and NGO, work with Permafund, monitoring and evaluation and measuring impact. - **Bermericke Bisimwa Dusabe, RURAL Foundation LDT (Uganda)** Experience: on ground hub incubator in East Africa. - **Hans Ryding (Sweden)** Experience: 15 years experience grassroots fundraising, connecting to EU funds. Interest: strategic side of funding, collaborate on future applications, can’t commit now but can help when more details are laid out (which he can plug into). - **Hannah Apricot Eckberg, Abundant Earth Foundation (USA)** Experience: raised over 300K through nonprofit. Interest: share experience and learning, help bring investors to projects, support US projects (can’t commit to main group). - **Jillian Hovey, The Permaculture CoLab, and The Sustainable Living Network (Canada)** Experience: raised funds for nonprofit and supported other projects. Interest: help get things started, help refine aims, create a robust Permaculture CoLab Funding Ecosystem to support the global permaculture community. - **Lauren Minis, Permaculture CoLab, and Regeneration Pollination (USA)** Experience: writing a couple of grants. Interest: helping set up funding circle, seeing how she can support pooling of funds for global projects and livelihoods. - **Aimee Fenech, The Permaculture CoLab, and EcoHacker Farm (Germany)** Experience: EU funding and local initiatives, writing proposal in CoLab. Interest: starting the funding circle and make sure it becomes self-sustaining. ---- # Development of the Mission & Aims of this Circle A fundamental aspect of developing a new "Circle" in a sociocratically structured organisation, like the Permaculture CoLab, is to identify the Circle's "Domain", and to develop the Circle's "Mission & Aims." All of which are in relationship to the organisation's "Vision." ## Vision for the Permaculture CoLab The Vision is already set for the Permaculture CoLab: ***A healthy, peaceful and socially just world in which we care for the earth, each other and future generations, in harmony with nature.*** ## Domain of the Funding Circle This is the area that the forming Cirle will operate in - the "Domain" of work in relationship to the Vision. ***The Domain of this Circle will be Finance and Economics***. The Domain is further expressed in the "Mission" and "Aims" of the Circle. The Initiator of this forming Funding Circle, Aimee Fenech, had written an intial draft of the Mission and Aims. These were shared and discussed at the inaugural meeting Janurary 25th, and suggesions made to evolve the draft. ## Mission of the Funding Circle ### Original Draft: ***The Funding Circle enables Permaculture CoLab and its members to access funding in order to further work and activities within the remit of the overall Permaculture CoLab Vision, Mission, and Aims (VMAs).*** #### Suggestions from Jan. 25th meeting: * add something around economy, income to sustain programs * add language regarding more set income i.e. for teacher salaries * add language around who will be doing what, what the group is made of * add an action or a deliverable * suggested revised Mission statement from the meeting: *The Funding Circle enables Permaculture CoLab and it’s members to develop proposals and access funding in order to further work and activities within the remit of the overall Permaculture CoLab VMAs* We will continue to develop the MIssion for the Funding Circle as we move forward. ## "Aims" of the Funding Circle *(The original draft Aims are written below. They are accompanied by suggestions from our meeting in italicised font, which were made during our first group meeting*) 1. Identify and highlight value exchange / funding opportunities 2. Identify, secure and mobilise resources that support participants to nurture existing initiatives and develop new eco-social enterprises, projects and initiatives that address identified challenges, or add additional value to permaculture networks; (Look at Permaculture CoLab Aims) 3. *Identify fundraisers working within permaculture and support them to be more effective (Andy Goldring added before 1st meeting)* 4. Apply for funding on behalf of CoLab, its members and appropriate initiatives of the wider permaculture movement 5. *Create an opportunity to access resources for permaculture related projects and new innovations in the field* 6. Identify priorities, gaps and significant change-making opportunities in the permaculture movement that need resourcing 7. Provide proposal writing assistance, partnership or leadership, *including references and movement information* 8. Provide advice / consultations to enhance aspiring funding applicants, *including monitoring and evaluation* 9. *Provide training and sharing resources related to fundraising* 10. *Create a community of practice* 11. *Support microenterprise/entreprenurial development (Philipp Grunewald's proposal)* ### Additional feedback from Jan. 25th meeting - 3rd needs to be less broad, create context, add impact, or split into 2-3 points ## Ongoing Process of Refining Mission & Aims We have been continuing to think about and discuss the Mission and Aims of this Circle, and it would be great to have your input as we co-create this Circle over the coming months. ***Please review the Mission & Aims before our next meeting, as this work will be one of our main discussion topics.*** ************************************** # Permaculture Design for the Funding Circle We are starting a Permaculture Design process for the Permaculture CoLab. This will bring a permaculture design methodology to the work that we are doing in the CoLab. As this Circle is just formiing, we have been having some discussions about co-creating a "Permaculture Design" for the Funding Circle, which could be fun! :) This could include: - The "**Needs & Yields**" or "**Inputs & Outputs**" of the Funding Circle - The ****different types of people, projects, and organizations**** who will be engaged in the Funding Circle's activities - The "**Zones**" of People's Involvement - Using a permaculture Design methodology, such as SADI, SADIMET, GOBRADIME, etc. ![](https://fundingcircle.perma.earth/uploads/upload_cb34745dd10a3afdaf451e4d13142e15.png) The Permaculture Design Process for the Permaculture CoLab will be creative and emergent. So, your ideas are welcome as well as your participation. Please let us know if you have any ideas for it - we would love your input! But don't worry, there will also be time for this in our next and following meetings. *************************** # Moving Forward ## Tasks for the Funding Circle Some tasks came out of the first meeting: 1. Identify successful and reliable sources of money  2. Grow list of experienced fundraisers in the permaculture network (and have them send examples of successful applications) 3. Identify funding/support needs in the permaculture network - (1st 3 tasks = mapping the funding ecology, 7 Vortex can be a good tool for this) 4. Then create a community of practice, identify opportunities, share best practices, share materials for funders and for ourselves ## Ways to Get Involved - Participate in these first meetings to co-create the Funding Circle - Work on the Mission & Aims - Take on tasks between meetings - Step into co-leadership - Step more formally into this Circle as it forms - Take on more formal roles in the Sociocratic process of thi - Engage in ways to earn money and/or attract/pursue funding - Help with the funding bids ## Shape the Funding Circle Agenda for Our Next Meeting: * Introductions * History of the Permaculture CoLab * Mission & Aims of the Funding Circle * Permaculture Design of the Funding Circle * Circle Roles * Other thoughts? Please let us know - we would love your input! ## How to Join the Permaculture CoLab in slack: The Permaculture CoLab operates in an online workspace called "slack." Here are some supports if you would like to check it out: - Communicate with one of us and **ask us to add you to slack** - **slack tutorial available on request** - send the funding circle slack channel an email. - **Join a Monthly Orientation meeting** - please let us know if you are interested and we can let you know when the next one is. Alternatively you can check out the event section on our website: **https://www.perma.earth/events/** ## Here is the Poll for Next Meeting Again: This is the link for the Doodle Poll for our next meeting: **https://doodle.com/poll/hh3srhv5n4s47w5f?utm_source=poll&utm_medium=link**. Please complete it ASAP, and let us know if there is anyone else who you think would be good to invite to join this process of forming the Permaculture CoLab Funding Circle. Thank you, and we look forward to seeing and/or hearing from you soon! :) ******************************************